• In style of… Jony Ive

    Instead of creating your own style,  "in style of ..." a seminar held by Michael Erlhoff makes you think, act and design according to one of most interesting contemporary designers. What does style mean and what defines the style of a designer? Is the use of colours, shapes and materials? Is it his cultural background, political position or respond to economic demands? What makes a designers’ product recognizable and unique? Can a specific designers way of thinking be adapted to any kind of design process? Even if it has little or nothing to do with the designers’ original working area? After analysing, discussing and criticising various designers work and style, our goal was to create an umbrella in style of the specific designer. Investigating Jonathan Ive’s life and work, researching about his career , making telephone interviews with Apple California, Ada Birk and I were getting to know his design process. After analysing his products in terms of functionality, material, haptic, visual effect and design our design process started. AirShield, an umbrella in style of Jony Ive was created. AirShield is a minimalistic product with innovative technology defining the term “umbrella” in a new way. It is an umbrella without the need of a physical umbrella. The lightweight, hand sized ergonomic bar features a replaceable compressed air gun. Releasing compressed air on a fingertip AirShield protects the owner from rain. Ada Birk and I created AirShield in 2012, now we are surprised about Apple's new Mac Pro coming soon in 2013. Scientific seminar 02.05.2012 - 11.07.2012